Food Waste Recovery Programs
throughout California

We collect, recycle and process Organic Food Waste to create animal feed. Simple Solutions for a Sustainable Future!

Grocer Partners

With over 25 years of recycling and logistics experience the SMC Zero Waste team partners with the largest Grocery chains in the State of CA. SMC Zero Waste provides organic food waste recovery programs for Grocers servicing nearly 1,000 locations across the State. SMC is a proud member of the CA Grocers Association, an annual supporter of the Western Association of Food Chains organization. SMC Zero Waste is also an active member of the Illuminators Organization, which serves the Grocery Industry and helps raise awareness and increase Educational scholarship funds, develop future industry leaders, and establish sustainable partnerships in the food industry.

Why SMC Zero Waste

SMC Zero Waste has over 25 years of recycling and logistics experience in the State of CA. SMC is fully equipped with the assets necessary to service businesses with organic food waste and de-packaging needs of any size. SMC is also equipped to handle plastic, aluminum, and cardboard waste recycling services. Our value recovery program includes consultation, certified destruction, and waste management solutions for our partners. We also provide collection and transportation of materials to our Southern California transfer station where the waste is processed and used as feedstock for animals and recyclables are made available for reuse in agricultural products, fuel, and landscape materials.

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